Café Mana

Café Mana is beatiful and cozy cafe located in the heart of Vrsovice in Prague. Not only lovers of good coffee, but also  gourmets will enjoy time spend in our cafe. We offer hearty breakfasts, original cakes and other delicacieslike  handmade sorbets of many flavors.

opening hours

Po  8.30 – 19.00
Út – Pá  8.30 – 20.00
So  9.00 – 20.00
Ne  9.00 – 20.00


+ 420 605 241 195

+ 420 605 283 012


Moskevská 34
10100 Praha

about coffee

Coffee is everything to us, so we chose Filicori Zecchini coffee, which convinced us not only of its history, but also of its rich delicate taste.


In 1988, Filicori Zecchini coffee won the “Espresso Italiano” or “genuine Italian espresso” certificate. Filicori Zecchini’s top products strictly comply with the prescribed technological regulation of the National Institute of Italian Espresso from 1988, so they have the right to be marked with the “Italian Certified Espresso” certificate. This quality label may only be used for mixtures which have precisely defined properties which make them different from imitations.


We serve our rich and hearty breakfast all day. Everyone can choose hot or cold breakfast and sweet or salty..
For us, breakfast is a start of a beautiful day!


Fresh raw materials

We prepare our meals only from selected fresh ingredients. We take some ingredients from domestic suppliers and for some originals we value the trip to sunny Italy. It’s always worth it!


We regularly fitting our menu according to the current season an actual offer. We care about taste!



Handmade sorbets

We love ice cream!

Experience the honest taste of cream, Dutch cocoa, Belgian chocolate and vanilla from Madagascar with our ice creams.

Our sorbets are prepared only from first-class ingredients and handmade.


Do you need a table for a specific hour? Are you planing a family gathering or just a glass with friends

Cakes and sweets

We take cakes and other sweets only from proven first-class suppliers. In our menu you can find cupcakes from the company Cheecup, pancakes, strudel, fondant, but also tiramisu and other irresistible sweets.


The literal translation means “cup cake” and the so-called “cup method” is used for preparation instead of weighing the raw materials. The upper part consists mainly of butter cream.


They take the form of very thin pancakes, made on a pan or on a hot plate. As fasting food, they are often associated with spring rituals.


History of this dessert dates back to 1987 and as it looks French on the first sight, USA and France disagree who invented it.


Cheesecake, as you have it today, became famous around 1900 in New York. In the easier restaurant, she baked her cheesecake with a cream cheese filling.

cakes – wedding

Traditionally, wedding cakes have to bring happiness to the wedding couple and all guests. You can order a wedding cake in our cafe, according to your ideas.

cakes for order

We can prepare a cake of all sizes to order. Your favorite, or according to your wishes, simply for all occasions.




Delicious butter mini croissants are served with jam and nutella

Scrambled eggs

Excellent eggs from litter breeding are the right ones for your breakfast. Stir them in butter.

Viennese sausages

Our Viennese sausages contain a large amount of meat, we serve them with mustard, horseradish and bread.


Fluffy egg omelette from beaten eggs until golden.

Scrambled eggs with ham

We mix excellent eggs from the selected breed with ham and butter.
3 pcs

Jogurt müsli

Creamy white yogurt, various fruits and muesli.

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Tuesday to Friday

8. 30 – 19. 00

8. 30 – 20. 00


9.00 – 20. 00


9. 00 – 19. 00


+ 420 605 241 195

+ 420 605 283 012


Moskevská 34
10100 Praha